Square Dancing is Friendship set to Music.

Try the DJ Alternative that's Cheaper,
Fun and includes Easy Dance Instruction.
No Experience Needed! Safe Hundreds $$$.
SEE Fun Nighter Caller Below.

I live in Kennesaw, GA
(About 20 miles NW of Atlanta). Updated: 05/02/2023

Associate Member of CALLERLAB

Former member of NCASDLA -
National Capital Area Square
Dance Leaders Association


One of my talents is being a FUN NIGHTER CALLER:

I SPECIALIZE and provide FUN NIGHTER SQUARE DANCE PARTIES (NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED) for groups like church, PTA, scout & youth, teen, adult and private party groups where I teach by leading, & calling dances for your group's pleasure. I can use Circles, Easy Squares and related Simple Line, Mixer & Novelty dances while playing classic, country, bubble-gum, popular, and even alternate kinds of music for beginner and novice dancers. A good range is at least one & a half hours, but not any longer then three hours without breaks (without breaks people can become tired & brain tired). Average dances run about two-to-three hours, but I can provided longer dances also. I provide equipment, music and dance fun. For outdoor dances without power available, I use a Pure Sine Wave 12vdc-to-120vac Inverter from my car to keep the sound clean.

I usually charge $200 - $500 for a dance party depending
on length of time of the dance, and how many people.
Compare to a DJ and Safe Hundreds $$$.


Another talent of mine is being a GUEST CALLER:

I can guest call for your BASIC and/or MAINSTREAM, and/or Lite Flavor of PLUS CLUB. Need a Guest Caller? Contact me (see below).

TBA: Dance Programs and Clubs including Class Dances (Dance as you learn):

TBA in 2021. In the Atlanta area: i.e., Bartow, Cherokee, Cobb, Fulton Counties.

Now that COVID isn't so bad, I'm welcome to know what kind of square dancing program(s) in the area that people may want now. For example, most clubs are MAINSTREAM and PLUS in the area. Do you want a more relaxed pace place to just dance? Would MAINSTREAM and/or just BASIC be more fun for you now days? A Relaxed paced place to dance? Would you like some workshops because you really don't know how or are forgetting how to do some calls?

If so, I propose the EASY ACES SQUARE DANCE CLUB. We just need a building and a night not to conflict with the other few clubs that we have as square dancing is getting back on it's feet. I'm even game to start a monthly square dance camping club. Please contact me to let me know.

Something else important to be aware of for Square Dancing: How we learn!!! Other then reading, we usually learn by three different methods or combination of these. Some people may mostly use one or two of these. Visual - We learn by seeing. Audio - We learn by hearing. Tactile or Kinesthetic - We learn hands on by doing some kind of physical activity like touch, movement, drawing, etc. Even if you hear and understand a call to do, you may have learned how to do it in the first place with any or some of these methods. If you still can't do certain calls, maybe your style of learning wasn't used to teach you those calls and dancing. So, you don't understand. When I teach and workshop for you, I will kept these methods in mind to help you learn and dance the calls using the different methods to teach and lead dancing for you.

God Bless America!

For rates & dates, to discuss your groups
fun & needs, please call, or e-mail me:

Hal T. Miller
28 Pine Burr Dr NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152-2647
Cell Phone: 571-218-0301


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