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Hal's Recent Experience:
Through spring of 2015, Hal was a regular caller of several callers that rotated and called for Mainstream clubs i.e., NOVACO in Falls Church, Virginia and Southern Merrylanders (clubs that have a partial Plus program desired in addition to Mainstream). Hal also calls and provides dance parties or Fun Nighter Dances (no experience needed) for church, youth groups, scouts, father-daughter, elderly, special populations, and other kinds of groups.

General Experience:
Hal has been involved in square dancing since 1975, round dancing since 1980 and has been a caller and dance instructor since 1992, not including some time since his early college days when he called some. He has in excess of several hundred hours behind the mike over half of which is in the teaching of square dance, line dance and mixer type of dances. Some of that has been through Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department with the Arts Council where Hal was the instructor and dance leader. Some more of that has been in M-NCPPC sponsored class programs through the New Carrollton Rec Council where Hal was the assistant-instructor along with another caller-instructor. Hal has called and taught for a variety of groups and abilities including children, the elderly, and the physically and developmentally disabled. Even Montgomery County Public Schools has had Hal lead dance parties for their middle schools students during their Outdoor Education Program.

Hal's first square dance club: Hal has called for his Virginia Stars youth-family square dance club that danced in Dumries, Virginia from 1992-1995 including their dance class for the group. As a guest caller, he has also called for various other square dance clubs including Grand Square's and Hitch'N'Go Squares in Woodbridge, Virginia, and Road Runners in Fort Belvior, Virginia. When a fellow caller Jim Wass was out of town, Hal has taught and called for some of Jim's classes for him in Maryland. Later, Hal also guest called for Gerrymanders (a Square Dance Club of Maryland dancing Mainstream with Star Plus tips).

Experience with Developmentally Disabled Groups:
Hal has worked as a dance leader for developmentally disabled persons in several environments. Since Spring of 1998, through Montgomery County Parks and Recreation Department (in Maryland) with a grant for the Arts Council, Hal as the instructor has taught and lead a dance program (two hours for four and five week sessions) for young mentally retarded adults. Several times a year for the past few years, Hal is usually one of two callers that come and each lead dances for the monthly Montgomery Association of Retarded Citizens (MARC) square dance. It's a program that another instructor started serving around 1992. Since about 1995, Hal started doing the program a few times a year (most years) to give the other caller a more flexible schedule. As an assistant instructor, he has taught together three six-week (one-and-half hour per evening) country dance classes for M-NCPPC's PG County Special Populations Division in 1994 and 1995. Otherwise, Hal is still available for Handicapable dances.

Other Relevant Experience and Education:
In Spring of 2000, Hal rejoined CallerLab. I will rejoin again in 2021. He has a Associate of Science Degree in General Studies from Northern Virginia Community College since Fall of 1997. Hal graduated in May 2007 from Radford University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Liberal Arts, Non-Teaching Option, with concentrations in Recreation and Mathematics. Included Recreation courses are in Special Populations, Outdoor and Therapeutic Recreation. Hal's smaller concentration in Mathematics resembles a Math minor.

NOVACO. Contact: Arlye. 540-364-3838.
Southern Merrylanders (If E-mail still current): E-mail: rannphillips@prodigy.net
Virginia Stars. Contact: Rose Miller. Cell: 571-243-0993.Home: 703-221-7613.
Gerrymanders Square Dance Club of Maryland. Contacts: Bill and Rochelle Banta 301-718-4217.
Please note: These clubs have since disbanded since 2015 except for Gerrymanders.

Dr. Jamie Jackson. Montgomery County Department of Recreation - Therapeutic Recreation, Silver Spring, MD. 301-589-5348, and

Charlie Butler 240-777-6963, Cell: 301-503-3712, General Office: 240-777-6960, 240-777-6821. Same department.

Jim Wass - Another caller I've worked with, or filled in for. Regular Caller for MARC and Good Luck Squares.
5903-60th Avenue, Riverdale, MD 20737.
Phone: 301-699-1477.
E-mail: squaredance@jimwass.com
Web Page:http://www.jimwass.com/squaredance/

Hal T. Miller
28 Pine Burr Dr NW
Kennesaw, GA 30152-2647
Cell Phone: 571-218-0301
E-mail: callerhal@gmail.com
Web Page:http://Caller.tripod.com

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