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What is Handilab? Handilab is a group of Handicapable Callers within the US Handicapable Square Dance Assoication that established and maintains the Handicapable (Handilab) Call Lists for use at the US Handicapable Square Dance Conventions they sponsor. Handicapable clubs like Michelle's Jacobs follow the Handilab's Basic List.

What is the US Handicapable Square Dance Association? They not only sponsor the US Handicapable Square Dance Conventions, but as stated, they try "to keep square dancing alive for the fun of it" for the population of dancers they support. Most of their dancers are mentally challenged people from young adults to senior citizens. They also have wheelchair clubs of non-mentally challenged adults who have come to their conventions and remain in close contact with the association. Family, friends, and other interested people also provide support and participate in the association and the dancers activities.

ATTENTION: I'm looking for handicapable non-dancers or dancers (such as mentally challenged teens & adults) and handicapable clubs to promote, to teach and to call dances for! It's not a matter of making money for me, but I want to encourage recreation and wellness through square dancing for all people. So, call, write, or e-mail me if you or your handicapable group would like to start a dance program. :-)

Links for more information about handicapable dancing and Handilab:

US Handicapable Square Dance Association: http://www.ushandicapable.org
United Square Dancers of America: http://www.usda.org

Handilab Basic List (US Handicapable Square Dance Association).

1. Bow (partner and corner)
2. Circle (L & R)
3. Forward up and back
4. S tars (R, L, Boys, girls)
5. Star Promenade
6. Do-sa-do
7. Promenade (couples, single file, 1/2, full)
8. Allemande Left
9. R & L Grand
10. Swing
11. Allemande Right
12. Pass Thru
13. Courtesy Turn
14. Ladies chain (2, 4)
15. Roll Promenade
16. R & L Thru
17. California Twirl

A couple of moves Michelle's dancers from N.J. may also know are:

Ladies roll away, 1/2 sashay
Ladies in, men sashay
Star thru (with lots of verbal cues)
Weave the ring
Eight Chain Four

Handilab Advanced List (US Handicapable Square Dance Association).

18. Ladies roll away, 1/2 sashay
19. Ladies in, men sashay
20. Star thru
21. Weave the ring
22. U Turn Back
23. Chain Down The Line
24. Do Paso
25. Lead Right
26. Grand Square
27. Bend the Line
28. Walk Around the Corner
29. See Saw
30. Square Thru (2,3,4 hands)
31. Dive Thru
32. Wheel Around
33. Allemande Thar
34. Shoot The Star
35. Slip The Clutch
36. Box The Gnat
37. Right Hand Ocean Wave (Hands Up)
38. Alamo Style Wave
39. Pass The Ocean
40. Swing Thru
41. Boys Run
42. Wheel and Deal
43. Flutter Wheel

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